Klaeng Records

Klaeng records is an independant music label established by the Klaeng Jazz Collective Cologne. Included in this collective are Jonas Burgwinkel, Pablo Held, Tobias Hoffmann, Frederik Köster, Sebastian Gille und Robert Landfermann.

Klaeng Records is a label by musicians for musicians. It allows all artists maximum freeedom with their releases. This applies to the music as well as the choice of the sound recording medium, the cover design and the marketing etc.

Klaeng records is not interested in making a profit. All the income generated by the sales and licences of the albums and downloads belongs 100% to the artist.

Klaeng Records has no standard design. The sound mediums are as varied as the music.

Klaeng Records has no marketing department. Each product is sold and despatched by the artist himself, fresh and directly delivered so to speak, from the producer to the consumer

Klaeng Records has a realistic attitude to the market for recorded music and is open and honest with the realities of the business. The artists are responsible for the contents and financing of their recordings. The sound mediums can be ordered over the internet or as a download or at the concerts of the respective artist.

We are looking forward to your orders.