Robert Landfermann - TOPAZ [DOWNLOAD]

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Robert Landfermann - TOPAZ

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Release Date: 15.05.2019

Ingrid Laubrock - Reeds
Achim Kaufmann - Piano
Robert Landfermann - Bass
Tom Rainey - Schlagzeug

1. Gloster - 7:47
2. Goldparmäne - 8:26
3. Calville - 8:23
4. Alkmene - 8:36
5. Renette - 6:56
6. Pariner - 7:28

Music by Ingrid Laubrock, Achim Kaufmann, Robert Landfermann, Tom Rainey.
Recorded at Topaz-Studios Cologne by Reinhard Kobialka on August 29th 2018.
Mixed and Mastered by Reinhard Kobialka.
Produced by Robert Landfermann.
Artwork by Wiebke Muth.


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