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Reza Askari - Roar

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On his debut "Roar" Cologne based bass player Reza Askari combines styles of music which were important to him during his youth and his musical career. From Jazz to Punk Rock – it´s all on this record.
With Stefan Karl Schmid on saxophone and Fabian Arends on drums, Askari formed a well rounded trio, always trying to un-limit musical borders but never loosing focus on what is important to the music happening.

Stefan Karl Schmid – saxophones, clarinet
Reza Askari – bass
Fabian Arends – drums

special guest: Sebastian Müller – guitar

Recorded June 2014 at Loft Cologne by Christian Heck and Hannes Plattmeier.
Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper at Turtle Tone Studios New York City.
Cover Art by Behruz Tschaitschian, 2erpack Studios Hamburg,
Hand Photo by Marc Mennigmann,
Produced by Reza Askari

1.) Dynamic Peace (5:16)
2.) Borderline Killer (4:57)
3.) Intro (2:53)
4.) Keil (5:01)
5.) April (5:58)
6.) F.R.Y (3:42)
7.) Drums (5:21)
8.) Two Plasmas (3:39)
9.) Vincent Crimson (2:27)
10.) Lady Bone (7:31)
11.) M (6:22)


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