Niels Klein & NDR Bigband feat. Jim Black – Outbound [DOWNLOAD]

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Niels Klein & NDR Bigband feat. Jim Black – Outbound

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The release of this album means a lot to me. Although i just turned 40, admitting this makes me almost old, but growing up in a small city close to the sea in Northern Germany in the pre-internet era, 50 miles away from the closest record store, listening to the NDR Bigband on the radio was sometimes my only access to jazz.

This orchestra´s musicians became my heroes and the unfailingly progressive and creative style of this band helped teach me how adventurous jazz should be. Back then I could never have imagined that I would one day compose music for them. I am also thrilled to have the great Jim Black playing on this record - his music was the soundtrack of my early 20s. After working regularly as a conductor, composer and arranger with the NDR Bigband, i am proud to present this album written specially for this great band and its soloists. (Niels Klein)

Composer/ Conductor

Niels Klein

NDR Bigband:

Trumpets / Flugelhorns

1. Thorsten Benkenstein, Nicolas Boysen
2. Ingolf Burkhardt
3. Claus Stötter, Felix Meyer, Stephan Meinberg
4. Reiner Winterschladen


1. Fiete Felsch (1. as / ss / cl / fl / rec)
2. Peter Bolte (2. as / fl)
3. Christof Lauer , Gabriel Coburger (1. ts, ss)
4. Lutz Büchner, Edgar Herzog (2. ts / cl)
5. Frank Delle (bs / bcl)


1. Dan Gottshall
2. Klaus Heidenreich, Sebastian Stanko
3. Stefan Lottermann
4. Ingo Lahme


Vladyslav Sendecki, Boris Netsvetaev


Ingmar Heller


Jim Black



1. Astray Solos: Christof Lauer, Jim Black
2. Finding Aaron Solo: Claus Stötter
3. Tarantoga Solos: Dan Gottshall, Vladyslav Sendecki
4. Waiting Place Solo: Frank Delle
5. Outbound Solos: Klaus Heidenreich, Lutz Büchner

Recorded at NDR Studio 1, Hamburg 14. - 18. und 21. - 22.12.2015
Edits at NDR Studio 1, Hamburg, 15. - 19.08.2016
Mixed at NDR Studio 1, Hamburg, 15. - 17.08.2016 und 20. - 24.03.2017
Recording Technichian: Jens Kunze
Recording Assistents: Lasse Zacharias
Mixing Engineer: Oliver Bergner
Mastering: Oliver Bergner


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