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MAKKRO - .why

Available as vinyl, CD and download

.why - what sounds like a political agenda or a deeper quest of meaning of the six Cologne-based musicians in the first place, is much more unpretentious and simpler explained. The second album of MAKKRO sounds different, the music is fresh and lacks banal genre definitions. An ocean of little colored lights and lamps, analog synthesizers all over the place and soft-golden instruments point to the new sound of MAKKRO.

Jazz is the playground to create and connect new things. Why? - Why should MAKKRO define itself?! There’s a new album out, that’s engraved by very personal taste, unbound by normed parameters.

It is the rhythmic-harmonic band sound paired with acoustic-electronic elements that makes .why an outstanding album.

Janning Trumann - trombone
Christian Lorenzen - wurlitzer, synth
Oliver Lutz - doublebass, electric bass, synth
David Helm - doublebass, synth
Thomas Sauerborn - drums
Fabian Arends - drums

1. Believer - 6:13
2. The One - 6:01
3. #drachen - 3:37
4. Opus - 4:16
5. Collapsed/White - 4:42
6. Kellij - 4:25
7. Chuckie Slott - 4:27
8. Rakete - 3:09
9. Kroone - 5:20

Total Time 42:17

1, 7, 8, 9 written by Christian Lorenzen
2, 3, 5 written by Thomas Sauerborn
4 written by Janning Trumann
6 written by Oliver Lutz

Recorded at LOFT / Cologne Nov. 2014 by Christian Heck
Edited by Hannes Plattmeier & Mixed by Christian Heck at Tonart Studio
Mastered by Enrico Mercaldi at Time Tools Mastering
Cover Photo by Peter Tümmers live at Club Subway Cologne
Design by Thomas Sauerborn

Produced by Christian Lorenzen, Thomas Sauerborn & Janning Trumann

MAKKRO | album trailer .WHY 2016 from makkro on Vimeo.

Makkro - Believer

Makkro - Opus

Makkro - Collapsed White


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