Jannis Sicker – end // time [DOWNLOAD]

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Jannis Sicker – end // time

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Release: 15.01.24

Elektronische Musik zwischen Noise, Polyphonie und Soundscape. Ein persönliches Album voller Experimente und Erfahrungen aus den letzten Jahren.

Jannis Sicker - Composition, Production, Synth Programming, Sampling
Michelle Richter - Cover Image

1. Distorted. Deserted 02:26
2. Deserted. Sheltered 03:04
3. Droplets 02:39
4. Dis. Place 04:13
5. AI Dechsen 01:02
6. Flute Soundtrack 04:24
7. Not Surrender 00:13
8. Get Out (While You're Still Alive) 03:22
9. Tundra 01:24
10. End // Time 02:16

produced / recorded at home 2021 – 2023



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