James Banner: USINE – how it will be after [DOWNLOAD]

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James Banner: USINE – how it will be after

available as Cassette, vinyl and download

Release: 02.12.2022

1. Anthem - 07:30
2. Plastic - 03:55
3. Bells - 06:14
4. Entwine - 02:17
5. Her Name Causes Shudders - 05:30
6. Little Soul - 04:27
7. He Has A Hatchet - 05:21
8. Rotary - 02:34
9. Dust - 07:40

Total running time 45:28

Cansu Tanrıkulu - voice / electronics
Declan Forde - piano
James Banner - double bass / electronics
Max Andrzejewski - drums / percussion

additional marimba, vibraphone, piano, voice, objects, sampling and electronics by James Banner

Mix/master: Guy Sternberg
Studio assistant: Phil Eulgem
Produced by: James Banner and USINE
Recording studio: Fattoria Musica, Osnabrück
Recording date: 14th-16th January 2022
Album design: James Banner
Front cover: photo Gamage / Rafter family archive
Rear cover: photo by Dovile Sermokas
Teaser videos: James Banner


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