Giotto Roussies – Reaching for the Intangible [DOWNLOAD]

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Giotto Roussies – Reaching for the Intangible

available as CD and download

Release Date: 19.11.2019

Giotto Roussies – Piano / Comp
David Helm – Bass
Ramon Keck – Drums
Elisabeth Coudoux – Violoncello
Heiko Bidmon – Bass Clarinet
Lennart Schnitzler – Trumpet

1. Odyssee der Zweifel 04:19
2. Be Happy 02:12
3. Suelze 06:57
4. Walze 03:59
5. A Monster’s Lullaby 05:57
6. I’m in Love 04:26
7. Monolg 05:26
8. Sweet Poem for the Night 04:38
9. All Ende ist Labe 07:17

The True Call (Suite)
10.The Call 00:51
11. Bjumpy 01:28
12. Trauer 02:30
13. Quakos Begräbnis 04:19
14. Transition 01:05
15. Bluesy Shout 01:55
16. Cosmic Ending 02:48

Recorded June 2015 at Loft, Cologne by Christian Heck
Mixed and Mastered by Christian Heck
Produced by Giotto Roussies
Artwork by Giotto Roussies
Cover Design by Julia Oetker-van Eickels


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