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Florian Herzog – Moon Tree

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During Florian Herzog’s life in New York, he amassed a plethora of compositions and ideas which he consolidated onto this album with his favourite musicians.
Moon Tree is an illustrious combination of folky melodies and improvisations, both jazzy and free. Complex compositions take turns with pop-song and chamber-like tunes.

Gaya Feldheim Schorr - vocals
Charlotte Greve - alto saxophone, clarinet
David Leon - alto saxophone, clarinet
Jeremy Viner - tenor saxophone, clarinet
Florian Herzog - double bass
Stephen Boegehold - drums

1. Talk to Pretend - 7:28
2. Nest - 4:10
3. Adrift - 5:14
4. Blind Tiger - 4:13
5. Somnia - 5:13
6. Hairgel Clumps - 5:00
7. Tökerö - 6:13
8. Far - 5:53

Gesamt 43:27

all music written by Florian Herzog
additional vocals on 'Far' by Charlotte Greve, Stephen Boegehold and Florian Herzog
lyrics for 'Adrift' by Gaya Feldheim Schorr, lyrics for 'Somnia' & 'Far' by Florian Herzog
lyrics for 'Nest' based on 'The Exposed Nest' by Robert Frost

recorded by Mike Tierney at the Dolan Studios, New York City
mixed by Marc Alberto
mastered by Eivind Opsvik
album artwork by Florian Herzog

special thanks to Lukas Akintaya, Robert Landfermann, Sebastian Gille, Odelia Toder, Alan Ferber, Jim Black, Verneri Pohjola, Hammer



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