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Fabian Arends – Fractures

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Release: 16.02.2022

With Fractures cologne-based Drummer, Improviser, Composer and electronic Soundartist Fabian Arends presents his most recent perspective on the acoustic setting.
For him as for his compositions on this recording the perspective is a fractured one, meaning that soundobjects or compositional motifs are approached from multiple angles.
The in-depth consideration of the written material and the process of reworking the given structures is the core element of this music.

The set of timbres provided by this formation of well versed and highly creative musicians ranges from subtle and airy chamber-music qualities (Silhouette, Figurations, Fracture IV) to eruptive and vigorous ensemble interaction (Animated Surface, Warp).
The interweaving of instrumentation and texture with (prepared) piano, bass and percussion creates a rich and rythmical scenery for the dark blending of textures by trombone and viola (Forest Ground, LGT).

Fabian Arends - drums, compositions
Philip Zoubek - piano, prepared piano
Shannon Barnett - trombone
Radek Stawarz - viola
David Helm - bass

1. Sonett in Ochre (06:37)
2. Forest Ground (02:58)
3. Fracture II (05:14)
4. Figurations (04:55)
5. Animated Surface (03:04)
6. Warp (04:49)
7. LGT (03:21)
8. Fracture I (03:54)
9. Silhouette (03:52)
10. Fracture IV - Mobile (07:18)

All compositions by Fabian Arends
Recorded at Loft Cologne on June 9th and 10th 2021 by Christian Heck
Mixed and Mastered by Martin Ruch at Control Room Berlin
Produced by Fabian Arends
Cover Artwork by Seskamol
Photo by Ferry Mohr
Cover Design by Holger Risse



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