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boy who ate the sun

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Release: 30.04.2021

The debut album of contemporary jazz trio 'boy who ate the sun' and the accompanying illustrated collection of texts and poems 'Thick Time' carry the distinct sound and penmanship of artistic leader and composer, Australian jazz-guitarist and vocalist Ula Martyn-Ellis. Joined by Calvin Lennig on double bass and Lukas Schwegmann on drums and percussion, the formation echoes that of the classic jazz guitar trio but breaks with tradition, moulding elements of jazz with the storytelling characteristics of folk and singer-songwriters and the rawness of an indie rock band. Sharing an acute sensitivity for the dynamics and density of their combined sound, 'boy who ate the sun' make music that is as meticulously condensed as poetry, while also as down-to-earth and transparent as a well-put postcard.

The ten tracks on the album display a broad range of musical genres – from the finger- picking 12/8 folk of 'Asthmatic Infatuation' and 'Little One', to the playful walking ballad 'Uncle Pumblechook', the blues-funk of '2:47', the baking ambience of 'Sunburn & Orange Sands', or the freely improvised accompaniment to the spoken word 'Thick Time'. Throughout, there is a sense of narrative to what the band produces. Be it Martyn-Ellis' lyrics, developing storylines that will twist at a pivotal moment and reveal layer by layer the essence of their meaning, or the various arcs the music develops across. While shifts in mood and harmony, rhythmic modulation and layering, and breaks from meditative rubato to tight groove reflect the texts that they accompany, there is also an abstract level of semantics to the compositions without text. Each skilled improvisors in their own right, Martyn-Ellis, Lennig and Schwegmann follow the internal narrative logic of the pieces in their soloing and accompaniment. Listen carefully, and you will hear stories being told.

Ula Martyn-Ellis – guitar, vocals, composition
Calvin Lennig – double bass
Lukas Schwegmann – drums, percussion

1. Say Hello [08:43]
2. 2:47 [04:35]
3. Thick Time [03:23]
4. FALL [06:01]
5. Uncle Pumblechook [06:26]
6. These Hands [03:44]
7. Pebble [08:14]
8. Asthmatic Infatuation [05:47]
9. Sunburn & Orange Sands [05:58]
10. Little One [07:28]

Recorded by Steffen Lütke at Fattoria Musica, Osnabrück
on October 3 & 4 2019 and July 8 & 9 2020
Mixed by Steffen Lütke at Fattoria Musica, Osnabrück
Mastered by Eddie Nünning at SoundResort, Lippstadt
Artwork & design by Clara Chowanietz


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