Victor Gelling Nonett – Music For Not-So-Feral Hogs [CD]

Klaeng-records 071 CD
Victor Gelling Nonett – Music For Not-So-Feral Hogs

available as CD and download

Release 10.02.2023

"Music For Not-So-Feral Hogs". Pieces about the story of the wild pigs roaming Fukushima after the nuclear disaster, packaged as a dystopian children's fairy tale, embedded in a sound aesthetic between Peter Brötzmann, Jonathan Harvey and Iannis Xenakis.
In addition to the title track of the record, the pieces are thematically dedicated to radioactivity, radio-activity and outer space. With an almost insane number of pop-cultural references and played in a line-up between microtonal electronic instruments and an indeterminate number of flutes and megaphones, the Victor Gelling Nonett locates itself somewhere between contemporary chamber ensembles, Düsseldorf electro-pop bands and free jazz.

Claudia Schlutius – Stimme
Eric Haupt – Gitarre / Elektronik
Izabel Pop – Flöten
Emilia Golos – Klavier / Synthesizer
Moritz Koch – Schlagwerk
M.A. Tiesenga – Saxophon
Emily Wittbrodt – Violoncello
Franziska Salker – Blockflöten
Victor Gelling – Kontrabass / E-Bass / Komposition

1. Hogs (9:42)
2. Sirenengesang (1:37)
3. Am Firmament lachen traurig die Sterne (7:13)
4. It's In The Air For You And Me (9:05)
5. Sirenengesang (Reprise) (2:22)
6. Finale (10:10)

aufgenommen am 12. Februar 2022 im LOFT Köln von Stefan Deistler

gemischt und gemastert von Stefan Deistler


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