Shannon Barnett Quartet – Alive at Loft [CD]

Klaeng-records 077 CD
Shannon Barnett Quartet – Alive at Loft

available as CD and Download

Release: 01.07.23

It all started with pianist and investigator Pablo Held's idea to do a week run at Loft in Köln, with
three bands each playing a set of their favourite standards each night. I was initially skeptical
about playing that repertoire with a quartet that has worked hard on establishing its own sound in
the frame of my original compositions, but soon realised that this would be a great opportunity to
pay tribute to but also reframe the music that rst got me interested in improvising and with which
I have had a complicated relationship ever since. I set about choosing pieces that meant
something to me and then imagining how we could maintain the sense of freedom that the quartet
often plays with, whilst navigating these well-loved compositions.
This music has a deep history and we feel privileged to be able to perform and record it.

01 When Will The Blues Leave
02 Weaver of Dreams
03 Alone Together
04 Heaven
05 Hypochrismutreefuzz
06 Ballad of the Sad Young Men

Shannon Barnett - Trombone
Stefan Karl Schmid - Tenor Saxophone
David Helm - Bass
Fabian Arends - Drums
Ella Zirina - Guitar on #6

Recorded by Lukas Lohner and Georg Bongartz live at LOFT Köln in December 2022, Mixed and mastered by Martin Ruch

This project is supported by the Initiative Freie Musik Köln.


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