Sebastian Müller - "PEEL" [CD]

Klaeng-records 005 CD
Sebastian Müller - PEEL

available as CD and download

Sebastian Mueller plugs his world into an electrical outlet. Walls come off, its peel breaks until pure content is pouring heavily into our hearts. A journey starts to a place where the laws of nature cease to exist. Where darkness becomes light, air becomes water, seconds become eternity, chaos turns to silence und the dead comes to live - just to see its breed die again. An experience which is both traumatic and beautiful at the same time.

Sebastian Müller - Guitar
Sebastian Gille - Reeds (Tracks 1,3,4,5,8,10)
Pablo Held - Keys
Daniele Camarda - Bass
Jonas Burgwinkel - Drums

1.) Prologue (Impro) - 1:10
2.) Save the World (Sebastian Mueller) - 3:59
3.) Respirator (Sebastian Mueller) - 5:58
4.) 20000 Leagues (Impro) - 6:24
5.) Peel (Sebastian Mueller) - 5:06
6.) Grind (Sebastian Mueller) - 1:30
7.) Extraterrestrial Mating Call (Sebastian Mueller) - 6:32
8.) Lion's Skull (Sebastian Mueller) - 5:58
9.) Dying Breed (Impro) 2:31
10.) Trauma (Sebastian Mueller) - 4:29

Total Time: 43:37

Recorded July, 2013 at Maarwegstudio 2, Cologne
by Wolfgang Stach, assisted by Matthias Gamm
Produced by Sebastian Müller and Wolfgang Stach
Mixed by Wolfgang Stach
Mastered by Dan Stone

Cover Artwork and Design by Sebastian Müller
Layout by Jana Liebler


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