pollon - herb [CD]

Klaeng-records 015 CD
pollon - herb

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Pollon reveals the absurdity of reality. A band playing simply, directly, yet at times wild, uninhibited and unrestrained. Romantic, honest, sensible. Humorous, imaginative, liberated. Pollon doesn’t strive for something in particular, but simply lets go and drifts; leaving in every moment elements of pure joy and the everlasting magic of music.

The compositions of the band members tell stories of life, which are allowed to fully unfold thanks to their uncompromising approach to listening and playing.

Pollon is Thomas Sauerborn (drums), David Helm (bass) and Theresia Philipp (Saxophone, Clarinet). Three extremely active Cologne-based jazz musicians from the younger generation, who, with their vast experience, intuition and willingness to experiment, create their own unique sound.

Despite their age, they have honed their craft not only within the band, but through playing with a variety of well-known musicians across the globe. An astoundingly maturity of three friends, that in addition to their professionalism, maintain a child-like curiosity in their music-making.

Theresia Philipp – Saxophone, Clarinet
David Held – Double bass
Thomas Sauerborn - Drums

1 Lauwarm 01:47 (Theresia Philipp)
2 Pürnnar 02:56 (Thomas Sauerborn)
3 Freier Fall 08:31 (Theresia Philipp)
4 Bonzo 02:33 (Thomas Sauerborn)
5 Zwölf 04:25 (Theresia Philipp)
6 Doecksaeä 04:41 (Thomas Sauerborn)
7 Stay with me 04:34 (Thomas Sauerborn)
8 Andersrum 06:28 (Thomas Sauerborn)
9 Hurdy Gurdy 01:47 (Theresia Philipp)
10 Re 04:11 (David Helm)
11 Walzer in B 03:46 (David Helm)


Recorded by Jonophon Aufnahmen | 28 - 29 September 2015
Mixed by Jonophon Aufnahmen
Mastered by Jonophon Aufnahmen & Alex Kloss
Design by Thomas Sauerborn

Produced by pollon © 2016





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