Oliver Lutz – RE:CALAMARI [CD]

Klaeng-records 048 CD
Oliver Lutz – RE:CALAMARI

available as CD, Vinyl  and download

1) Fusion (Wanja Slavin) 5:01
2) His Beardness (Pablo Held) 6:07
3) Troublemaker (Wanja Slavin) 3:48
4) A Different Angle (Oliver Lutz) 4:13
5) Friends For A Night (Oliver Lutz) 5:38
6) Java’s Lawn (Oliver Lutz) 3:40
7) MTBs & BBQ (Oliver Lutz) 4:30
8) Oh, Mirror In The Sky (Wanja Slavin) 3:34

Wanja Slavin - alto / soprano sax, flute, synthesizer programming
Pablo Held - KORG SV1 e-piano, Omnisphere, Farfisa organ, Yamaha DX7, upright piano
Oliver Lutz - double bass, electric bass, synthesizer programming
Andi Haberl - drums & percussion
Rebekka Salomea - voice on “MTBs & BBQ” & “His Beardness”

“MTBs & BBQ” arranged by Jannis Sicker

Produced by Oliver Lutz
Co-Produced by Pablo Held & Wanja Slavin

Recorded by Stephan Vester at Maarwegstudio 2, Cologne, October 2019
Mixed by Stephan Vester
Mastering by Philip Gosselin, Le Lab Studios
Design by Sophie Grouev
Photo by Karl-F. Degenhardt
Layout by Negin Schulte-Ontrop

Thanks to: Wanja, Pablo, Andi, Stephan, Jannis, Rebekka, Sophie Grouev, Negin, Karl, Philip, Clara, my parents.




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