Jonathan Hofmeister - emotions [CD]

Klaeng-records 040 CD
Jonathan Hofmeister - emotions

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Release Date: 15.05.2019

During his studies in Paris the pianist Jonathan Hofmeister, inspired by the many cultural and musical influences of the European capitol, composed a new program for his quartet. His compositions leave a lot of freedom to the musicians to discover and interpret them every time in a new way. This allows the quartet to be intimate and creative and makes their music to be a voyage of discovery. Where they go is every time a new surprise.

In 2017 the quartet won the scholarship of the Werner Richard - Dr. Carl Dörken foundation.

Bastian Stein – trp
Matthew Halpin – ts
Jonathan Hofmeister – p
David Helm – b
Fabian Arends – dr

1. troublemaker 03:54
2. like a frog in the dark 04:03
3. Rodeo on a comet 04:47
4. Fredory I 01:20
5. Cohen brothers 02:43
6. Fredory II 05:49
7. Stellar 06:09
8. Fly with the wind 06:00

Total: 34:51

Recorded at Kammermusiksaal Deutschlandfunk Köln on January 9th – 11th 2018
Radio Producer Harald Rehmann
Recorded by Christian Heck, Eva Pöpplein and Christoph Schumacher
Mixed by Christian Heck
Mastered by Christoph Stickel
Cover Design by Jonathan Hofmeister
Photo by Matthias Schuller


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