Jannis Sicker Septett – Ages [CD]

Klaeng-records 068 CD
Jannis Sicker Septett – Ages

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Release: 16.05.2022

The septet's music is characterized by detailed polyphonic writing, richness of sound and unusual combinations of musical rhythms and playing styles.
The compositions take inspirations from a multitude of genres such as modern classical music (1900-1940), free Jazz, avant-garde rock, even retro video game music and elaborate them in an organic way.

Interplay within the ensemble is a key element in composition and interpretation. This can show in very particular contrapuntal lines or through a more broad layering of sounds by the players.

A unique mixture of acoustic and electronic instruments from different families encourages the players involved to find new ways of creating their band sound.

The last four tracks are collages of mostly free improvisations. These fragments feature all or some of the musicians involved and display other facets of the septet's sound, contrasting some of the rather strictly composed parts within the album.

Drummer Jan Philipp led the album's production, while Stephan Deistler was responsible for both recording and mastering. The goal was to find a way of combining timbral transparency and precision with a hint of warmth and dirt found in rock music of the past century.

Former band member Leif Berger contributed the compositional basis for the opening piece and also performs on tracks #1, #8 and #10.

1. Große Zahlen (Leif Berger) - 9:16
2. Lime Plateau - 4:12
3. Hangman - 4:16
4. Suite - 8:14
5. Marschrhythmus - 4:25
6. Ages - 7:37
7. Szenen I - 3:37
8. Szenen II - 6:33
9. Szenen III - 3:43
10. Szenen IV - 7:26


Julia Brüssel - Violine
Emily Wittbrodt - Cello
Moritz Wesp - Posaune
Simon Below - Keyboards
Jannis Sicker - Gitarre, Komposition, Artwork
Jonas Gerigk - Bass
Jan Philipp - Schlagzeug

Special Guest:
Leif Berger - Yamaha Keyboard

Recording: Stephan Deistler, LOFT, Juni 23-25, 2021
Mix: Jan Philipp / Jannis Sicker
Master: Stephan Deistler



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