Golnar Shahyar – Tear Drop [CD]

Klaeng-records 073 CD
Golnar Shahyar – Tear Drop

available as CD and download

Release: 25.11.2022

'Tear Drop' is the bloom of my journey as a woman, a migrant woman, coming from a background that did not allow her to dream of freedom. In touch with my vulnerabilities and pain, I am practicing my truth, power, trust, hope, and dignity in these compositions and poems. This album is the coming together of the worlds I was exposed to in my 38 years of living on this planet and the vision I have about how music should be practiced and how it could sound like. It is where I fully demonstrate my abilities as a vocalist, pianist, composer, arranger, band leader, and producer. The ensemble also consists of musicians who understand displacement, rediscovery, and risk-taking, just like me. We are all improvisers at heart and in practice who can find a sense of freedom and depth even in the simplest forms of music. This album goes beyond the definitions we have of genre and style. It is the closest I could get to my story and in doing so I could only wish it reaches other people’s truth and hearts.

All songs are composed and arranged by Golnar Shahyar
Produced by Golnar Shahyar

Lyrics: 1,3,4,6,7,8,9 by Golnar Shahyar
Lyric 2 is a combination of "The Mad Fiddler" by Fernando Pessoa & "Ode To Trust" by Golnar Shahyar
Lyric 2 translation by Luisa Freire
Lyric 6 translation by Golnar Shahyar

Recorded live in RKH Wien, December 2021
Mixed & Mastered by Werner Angerer
Photo by Ina Aydogan
Design by Tevik Zadourian

1. Mission 04:07
2. Ode To Trust Intro 01:52
3. Ode To Trust 06:51
4. Ray of Light 04:19
5. Tear Drop 06:10
6. Simorq in Cage 01:55
7. Maman Djan 06:31
8. Black Gold 06:43
9. Wanting 06:11
10. Sparkling Dark Gaze 03:49



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