Fox / Kaufmann / Kintopf / Berger – Cobra [CD]

Klaeng-records 061 CD
Fox / Kaufmann / Kintopf / Berger – Cobra

available as CD and download

Release: 16.07.2021

„Cobra“ is the name of the debut album by saxophonist and bass clarinettist Victor Fox, who studies in cologne. For this special project, he formed a quartet with three incredible improvisers and composeres who also have their own projects. Achim Kaufmann on piano, prepared piano and fender rhodes, Roger Kintof on double bass and Leif Berger on drums. The two pieces called „Umlauftank“ and Zustand II“ were remixed by the leipzig based musician Jan-Einar Groh. The Recording consists of composed music, free improvisations and standard compositions. These ten tracks form the essence of Victor‘s musical work.

Victor Fox: tenor / soprano saxophone, bass clarinet
Achim Kaufmann: piano / prepared piano, Fender Rhodes
Roger Kintopf: double bass
Leif Berger: drums

Jan-Einar Groh Remix: Tracks 3 & Track 8

1. Cobra 03:31
2. Lacy 03:42
3. Umlauftank [M0DVL4R] 07:13
4. Giga (C4G3) 04:47
5. Zustand I (BR4XT0N) 02:40
6. Aggregat 05:10
7. Erweiterung (X3N4K1S) 03:50
8. Zustand II [M0DVL4R] 02:49
9. Trakt 04:38
10. Zustand III 02:28

recorded at LOFT KÖLN 25th / 26th / 27th of July 2020 by Stefan Deistler
mixed/mastered by Stefan Deistler
remixed by Jan-Einar Groh
Design by Luisa B. Melzig
Booklet Photos by Ines Pizarro Correia
Cover Painting by Peter Hankel


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