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Thomas Sauerborn KYIWI

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Release: 18.04.2021

Thomas Sauerborn has built a reputation in the German music scene as a competent sideman, but more than that, as an important creative contributor to the ensembles in which he plays. Finally we have the chance to hear him as a bandleader, with ‘KYIWI’. Thomas presents compositional concepts grounded in simplicity; his pieces often comprising of several small ideas which are carefully layered upon one another, or spliced together, like a jigsaw puzzle... or maybe an abstract painting. Still, there is plenty of room left for the personalities of the band members to shine through and also for a lot of meaningful interaction.

‘Losing Color’ does exactly the opposite of what the title suggests, relishing in the use of a wide range of sounds, from David Helm’s indie-dream electric bass and Sauerborn’s subtle cymbal effects, to Sebastian Gille’s tenor singing us to shipwreck.
On ‘Who Rules’, Bastian Stein’s determined yet beautifully flowing trumpet remains unmoved by the interruption of an energetic repetitive figure from the rhythm section.

On some tracks, such as ‘ALSG<D’, the combination of the Gille and Stein frontline juxtaposed against the meditative style of the rhythm section reminds one somewhat of the band ‘Old and New Dreams’. But if it’s one thing KYIWI is intent on achieving, it’s using their wide range of influences to create something fresh, symbiotic and alive. On Lichterloh, for example, electronic effects take over the trumpet, eventually controlling it, like robots rebelling against their makers. Lucas Leidinger’s restraint is on show on ‘Liquid’ and ‘Vollfreude’, judiciously adding his ideas to the textures with an incredibly light touch.

KYIWI is an impressive release from an interesting combination of humans and I hope you will enjoy listening to it as much as I have.

- Shannon Barnett, February 2021

Thomas Sauerborn, drums
David Helm, electric bass & double bass
Lucas Leidinger, piano & MS20 synthesizer
Sebastian Gille, saxophone
Bastian Stein, trumpet

1) Losing Color 07:37
2) Andersrum 06:29
3) ALSG<D 04:10
4) Lichterloh 04:08
5) Stones 05:17
6) Vollfreude 06:32
7) Liquid 05:16
8) Who Rules? 06:09

produced & mixed by Thomas Sauerborn
recorded by Christian Heck at LOFT Cologne
mastered by Nate Wood

All written material by Thomas Sauerborn
"Lichterloh" contains electronic drums by Johannes Klingebiel



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