The Great Harry Hillman - "Veer off Course" [CD]

Klaeng-records 012 CD
The Great Harry Hillman - "Veer off Course"

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"The Great Harry Hillman – the current definition of what it means to be a new young modern jazz band in these times. Four very strong individual musicians come together to create an extremely personal style of music that could only exist through time invested band chemistry. From fragile melodies, twisted grooves, to massive band climaxes, they deliver flawless and exciting music." (Jim Black)

Nils Fischer (as, bcl)
David Koch (git, efx)
Samuel Huwyler (eb)
Dominik Mahnig (dr)

1) Höhenflug (7:18)
2) Auf der Romantikskala von 7 bis 1,4 (4:12)
3) Tiefenrausch (5:34)
4) Rostbuben (7:15)
5) Peace, Love and Horses (4:56)
6) Der anthropomorphe Kabinettschrank (6:15)
7) Der Hall hört mit (5:03)
8) Falls du eigentlich ein Dromedar bist (5:39)
9) Amazing Race (7:06)
10) Die Nebel der Welt (7:56)

recorded at maarwegstudio2 | Köln
recorded and mixed by Wolfgang Stach | February 2015
mastered by Alex Kloss | Time Tools Mastering & Publishing GmbH | Hannover
artwork by Samuel Huwyler |


Falls du eigentlich ein Dromedar bist

Die Nebel der Welt