Oliver Lutz - Poolparty [CD]

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Oliver Lutz - Poolparty

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"Poolparty" is the second release of Cologne (Germany) based bassist Oliver Lutz, coming back to his roots as an electric-bass player.

The Album includes eight original compositions - music with driving groove, ecstatic highs and wide open, calmer moments. The complexed harmony, inspired by impressionistic composers like Ravel, Stravinsky and Messiaen, revives and refreshes the fusionesque bandsound reminding us of the experimental jazz-rock era we know so well from the 70's and 80's.

So listening to this classic band constellation of tenor saxophone, electric guitar and bass, fender rhodes, drums and especially the usage of vintage synthesizers is like a jump back in time - a journey we want to go on more often.

Oliver Lutz "Poolparty" feat. Pablo Held und Christoph Möckel

Release 16th of July, 2016

Matthew Halpin - Saxofon
Vitaliy Zolotov - Gitarre
Simon Seidl - Fender Rhodes
Oliver Lutz - Bass
Oliver Rehmann - Drums

Christoph Möckel - soprano saxopohne on „Steadfast Love“
Pablo Held - synthesizer solo on „Poolparty“ & additional synths on „Cito“
Constantin Krahmer - additional synths on track 1,2,3,4,5

1. Streamer - 4:53
2. Kobayashi Maru - 5:59
3. 21 - 6:40
4. Steadfast Love - 4:56
5. Ally - 5:15
6. Poolparty - 4:44
7. Cito - 7:11
8. Spiders - 1:59

Total Playtime - 41:41

Recorded and mixed by Wolfgang Stach / Maarweg Studios, Cologne.

Mastering by Alex Kloss.
Design by Pia Held.
Artwork by Danijel Cecelja.