Giotto Roussies – Quero Alegria [CD]

Klaeng-records 059 CD
Giotto Roussies – Quero Alegria

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Release: 23.10.23

"Giotto Roussies comes from a family of artists and is himself a true artist as a jazz pianist! His stylistic range is extensive, from stride to bebop to avant-garde, no form of expression is foreign to him. His piano sound is magical, he sings and swings and every note has a meaning! He sometimes shows a downright satie-esque humor and whenever I hear him, I immediately have a smile on my lips because every note touches me. Giotto is one of the few who really cultivate the art of being in the moment, in music as well as in life. To hear him makes me happy!" - HUBERT NUSS

Giotto Roussies - Piano
Torben Schug - Bass
Eddie Jensen - Drums

1. Quero Alegria 04:54
2.The Lost Day Returns At Night 05:51
3. Wayning 03:29
4. Cumbra Nova 05:09
5. It Could Happen To You 04:09
6. Canto Solo 05:02
7. Morbide Love 05:35
8. For You I Sigh 02:19
9. Nacht 02:07
10.Tarantel 03:21
11. La France Baguette 03:49
12. Striadeps 05:56
13. I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart 03:35
14. A Song 04:15
15. Quero Alegria (alternate Take) 05:24

All Compositions by Giotto Roussies except: 5. by Jimmy Van Heusen, 11. by Torben Schug, 13. by Duke Ellington

Recorded November 2019 at Loft, Cologne by Stefan Deistler
Mixed and Mastered by Stefan Deistler
Artwork by Giotto Roussies
Design by Jule Kuckuck and Fritz Waldhecker